Getting Ready for Summer with PS of Sweden New Collections

Just landing at Dressage Performance, we've announced another three colors from PS of Sweden.

So far this year we've already had new launches in several colors - there's been Sage (Green), Wine (Rich Burgundy), Charcoal (Grey), Walnut (Light Brown) and then on a second launch the very popular Blueberry (Blue), Cranberry (Pink!) and Vanilla (Light Yellow).

PS of Sweden aren't like many other brands - to keep things interesting, there's been a launch almost monthly since January. May is ready for a new color launch and this new range did not disappoint (or it didn't disappoint most of you...).

The new colors for May are all being delivered in early June and we're pretty sure they won't be around long.

PS of Sweden New Soft Lilac Dressage Saddlecloth, Polo Wraps and Jacket

For this third drop we've got Soft Lilac, Sky Blue and Mint Green.
Unlike some of the other color collections, I'm not feeling the need to add extra info in brackets so you know what they're going to look like as damn, they got it right and these colors are pretty self explanatory.

Subtle was the name of the game for PS of Sweden in this launch. Their Dressage and Jumping Saddlecloths are all in very subdued tones, I say perfect for Spring...but many are saying perhaps not the best for keeping clean or for washing well. Some more recommendations later on how to keep saddlepads clean, I'm well practised.

The range this season did not include any fly hoods - kind of odd considering we're in Summer but I do know that for Dressage Performance anyhow, fly hoods aren't a best-seller for us as while they're perfect for stopping your horse being bothered by flies and insects, fly hoods (or ear bonnets, ears) are not horses favorite things to wear. Some horses are very sensitive around their ears and owners find it pretty impossible to put them on!

Included in the range is Dressage Saddlepads/Saddlecloths, Jumping Pads, Fleece Polo Wraps (exercise bandages) and some very pretty and functional riding clothing pieces.

If you're new to PS of Sweden saddlecloths, they're a best-seller at Dressage Performance. When reviewed, they wash well, are easy to care for, stay put under the saddle and don't move, have just the right amount of padding, are anatomically shaped and are wicking and cool - keeping your horse from sweating too much under the saddle.

PS of Sweden Sky Blue Jump Saddlecloth, Sky Blue Bonnie Polo Shirt and Sky Blue Annika Lightweight Summer Riding JacketWhether you're jumping or into flatwork and own a dressage saddle, this range has got you covered. The polo wraps are extra long and are finished off at the 'beginning' with a tab that indicates which leg you need to apply the bandage to (perfect for those selfies and snaps you're getting of your horse in his new outfit - need to be sure the bandage tabs are all the right way up!) and then ended with a wide velcro tab and a small PS of Sweden badge.

Let's get into the riding clothing. We've got two pieces here - Bonnie and Annika.

Bonnie is a lightweight, breathable (but yet strangely warm when it's cooler...I have no idea how it does that) polo top. I'd describe it as a base layer but not quite as thin as they usually are. That little bit of thicker material makes this one so much more flattering than some of the others from other brands.

In true PS of Sweden style, Bonnie is super fashionable. Golden zipper, large oversized PS of Sweden logo on the back and a pretty finish at the cuff make her ideal for wearing in and out of the saddle. We're also sure that Bonnie's a pretty good match for Equestrian Stockholm Lavender (just sayin').

Annika is another lightweight piece of riding wear but this time it's a full (two way) zip jacket thats lightly padded at the front and back...again really flattering here. The arms and side panels of the jacket are four way stretch and the whole thing is fully breathable. Perfect for a layer in warmer weather.

We're not sure how you'll choose which one you need in your wardrobe but all we do know is the range is selling fast. Maybe by the time you're reading this blog (which is here to stay - unlike this collection) it's long gone.

PS of Sweden Sky Blue Dressage Saddlecloth, Dressage Polo Wraps and Sky Blue Riding Clothing

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