Schockemohle Equitus Zeta - Anatomical Sheepskin Padded Bridle

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Woof Wear

All the Schockemohle bridles and double bridles belonging to their new premium Anatomic Line focus on the complex anatomy of the horses head. A core piece of this new line is the Equitus Alpha from the new bridle series "Equitus". After the very successful introduction of the Equitus Alpha, a second model - the dressage bridle Equitus Beta was released.

The range also includes more traditionally shaped bridles such as the Stanford, Malibu and Venice as well as the new Concord, Slimford and Milan. These bridles utilise the same anatomical design as the Equitus range but are more traditional in their appearance.

The Equitus Zeta is an anatomic special bridle with perfect fitting that is now enhanced with the addition of super soft sheepskin for extra padding. The curved cavesson bypasses all the sensitive main facial nerves and is therefore thought to offer the ultimate comfort to the horse whilst wearing such an un-natural item as a bridle. The softly padded cut away headpiece with an antomical shape assures freedom of movement in the poll and neck area and a wide curved browband avoids pinching in the area of the ears and the eyes.
This bridle would be classed as having a flash noseband but it is almost combined with a drop noseband too in its style. This design means that it is the most comfortable of flash nosebands as it ensures a subtle control over the horses ability to open the mouth yet it is shaped to support unrestricted breathing without constricting the nasal cavity.

The addition of sheepskin to the Zeta means that it is perfect for the most sensitive of equines. The bridle harnesses the natural breathable and shock absorbent properties of sheepskin to avoid rubbing and enhance comfort. The sheepskin is fully removable through velcro fasteners and is easy to clean on a 30°C wool program with wool-wash.

The bridle is easy to adjust and move around through the use of quick individual fixed button rivets.

The Equitus Zeta does not come with reins. Our recommendations for reins are as follows:
Article 1103-00004 - Schockemohle Webbed Reins with Buckle
Article 1103-00016 - Schockemohle Rubber Reins with Buckle
Article 1103-00038 - Schockemohe Bridle Reins, Rubberised with Buckle

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