About Us

Here's a little insight into Dressage Performance

Hello & Welcome to Dressage Performance

By shopping with Dressage Performance, you're choosing to help a small company with big dreams.
The big dreams belong to the founder of Dressage Performance who is, as you may have guessed, pretty passionate about Dressage. 

Below you'll find information out about the CEO, what happens to your order once its placed, the reasons behind some decisions we have made and some other stuff that you might even just find a little interesting.
Any questions you've got or anything you want to talk to us about, please contact us via email - we're a friendly (if not slightly crazy) bunch.

Dressage Performance Core Values

Premium Product Quality. Always Friendly Service.

We're not the fastest, the cheapest, the biggest or offer the widest range. But we know who we are and double down on it - offering a range of highly premium horse and rider wear that our customers love.

Your Order Journey

Order Placed

When you click confirm on your order, we do a little celebration dance - we're so happy you chose to shop with us and you're helping us grow our dream business!
All your card details are super safe, they're encrypted and even we can't see them.

Your order will go through some security checks & then will be processed in our system. You'll receive email notifications throughout this process to keep you updated.

Order Processing

Depending on what you ordered, there may be a little wait while we process your order. Some lines at the moment are not held with us - they're with our suppliers. As we're a start-up, we want to offer you the most products we can so we work with suppliers to do this.
The short story is once you place your order with us, we'll rely on our regular stock deliveries from suppliers to get the item in our warehouse as quickly as possible.
When we have our hands on your items, we'll carefully box them up and prep them for shipment.

Order Shipment

This is the best bit - your order will usually get a First Class Ticket across the ocean to get to you (apparently the seats recline so you can get some shut-eye!)
We use carefully selected couriers for shipping. They might not be the cheapest but they offer the fastest and most reliable friendly service we could find. 

Upon request, we just introduced an economy service. This will be delivered by your country's local postal services. It takes a little longer but is much cheaper.

Need Help With a Business You Run? Want To Start Up?

After running multiple businesses across small niches. we're ready and equipped with advice if you're interested to receive it.

We offer coaching, assistance, advice, web design, marketing services and a host of other online business help. 
Email to find out how we can work together.

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