Shipping & Tracking

We're super busy right now!
Over the busy Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Season, we're working hard to get as many shipments out to our customers as possible.
Order processing times are extended by 5-7 days.

Shipping & Processing Orders

The delivery periods we advise are taken from our vast warehouse distribution experience and our close working relationships with our delivery partners. Please take note of those delivery periods prior to purchasing any of our products.  See below for more information on international deliveries

- UK orders are sent by either via Royal Mail or Courier and once shipped arrive in 1-2 days.

- International (Including USA) orders are sent via DHL, Royal Mail (USPS) or FedEx and once shipped will arrive within 7-10 days.
Expedited shipping is available by request.


Order Processing Times

Please note our warehouse is closed over the weekend and we only ship out orders Monday to Friday. If you wish to expedite your order to receive it faster, email us to enquire about extra charges for faster shipping.

Most popular and seasonal items are in stock and available in our warehouse, ready to ship on the same or next working day.

We do offer a wide range of products that are classed as "Special Order". Such items have a label within the product page to make you aware of this.
When you place your order for these "Special Order" lines, we'll order from our supplier or place an order with an external warehouse. This usually results in an additional processing time of 10-14 days, dependent on the product. Once the product arrives with us, it'll be re-packaged and processed for shipment as quickly as possible.

Why do you do this?
We want to offer our customers a wide selection - we make all our most popular lines ready for immediate Same Day shipment but others, rather than not offering you the opportunity to buy, we place them on a special order with our suppliers.

Please Note! Any orders made including these "Special Order" lines will be held until the order is complete and ready to ship. We cannot ship in parts - should you wish to receive "Immediate Ship" lines quicker, you must place separate orders for these.


International Shipping

As much as possible we ship anywhere in the world and at a shipping cost that presents good value. Unfortunately there are some remote locations worldwide that our couriers charge us surcharges to deliver to. Where possible, we will always try and deliver to these areas at no extra cost to yourself. However, if the cost of the shipping is what we would deem excessive* we may ask you to contribute to the cost or offer you a full refund on your order.

Shipping heavy and bulky items internationally to areas outside of the European Union usually incurs large shipping charges that we would be unable to cover in our free shipping policy. If we deem the shipping charges to be excessive* we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further

We have a vast experience of shipping parcels internationally and work closely with our couriers to ensure that items are delivered to you in the perfect condition that we send them. Shipping certain items such as powders, supplements, liquids and foodstuffs internationally can often present problems with customs and border control in the delivery country. We will usually communicate with you about our concerns and either give you the option to cancel your order or notify you of the risks and allow you to make a decision if you wish to proceed**


If you provide us with an email address on your order, you will be kept up to date with its whereabouts via your email address.
We offer two levels of tracking - an internal one so you can see the package's progress through our facility and an external tracking number that couriers will provide to us.

When you place an order with us, you should receive a link to your internal Control Port tracking. This will help you see where your order is in the processing stages.
Once shipped, you'll also receive a tracking number from the courier which your parcel was sent with so you can follow it right to your door.

If you have any more questions about Shipping & Tracking, contact us via our chat facility in the right hand corner of your screen.



* The term 'excessive' is used here as we monitor this on a case by case basis but we usually will contact you if the shipping quote we receive from the courier is larger than 35% of the total order value.

** In such cases, we will discuss the risks involved by attempting to ship the item prior to shipping it. We will then usually offer you the choice if you wish to proceed or cancel. We reserve the right to refuse a refund of the product if it is destroyed by customs after this discussion has taken place.