LeMieux Horse LeMieux Signature Fly Hood - Blush Pink

LeMieux Signature Fly Hood - Blush Pink

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Very smart, close knit crochet fly hood with comfort, high density ears. Ideal for spooky or sharp horses that are particularly sensitive to sound. Can be used in noisy venues and prizegivings as well as being BD legal for summer months.

The close fitting design means no rubbing or unneccessary bulk under the bridle. The material is lightweight so as not to distract the horse whilst it is working. The fly hood protects the horse from flies and midgies and can offer significant relief to headshakers, so are great to use in the spring/summer months.

They are not only practical but stylish too, coming in a variety of tasteful colours with a twin rope detail.

We recommend that you hand wash the ear bonnets, however than can be washed in a washing machine at no higher than 30 degrees.

Size Guide - Please note that size guides are approximate and sizes can differ between breeds of horses.

Medium - Cob/Large Pony

Large - Standard to Large Horse

XL - Warmblood

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