LeMieux Turnout Boots - Black

$58.99 USD

Strong Neoprene boots contoured to fit the lower leg.

Perforated to allow exchange of air and keep the legs cooler when turning out for extended periods.

Strengthened waterproof guard covers back of pastern to protect most sensitive area prone to Mud Fever.

Follows the shape of the fetlock to prevent slipping. Ideal for horse's with sensitive skin who benefit from protection against the winter elements.

Easy to hose off or machine wash.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice product but poor sizing by LeMieux

I am disappointed in LeMieux's sizing between different boot styles of the same "size" - the XL turnout boots are barely adequate for a 4 year old large warmblood that wears XL LeMieux fleece lined brushing boots on the hind legs. These boots barely reach across the pastern , leaving a gap, and making the lowest strap an awkward fit. Not good considering they are supposed to keep the mud out. If there was an additional 3-4cm around the pastern the fit would work. The rest of the design and material seems nice like their other products. Because I had these shipped 7500 km, since no product exists locally, they will have to do.

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