ProTexin Supplements ProTexin Gut Lix - 2kg

ProTexin Gut Lix - 2kg

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Gut Lix is a new health lick containing essential salt and minerals that are vital to a horse or pony's diet. It also contains Preplex prebiotics to support their gut health and nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
Using only the purest salt from Cheshire and a highly palatable apple flavour, Gut Lix contains no sugar or molasses so offers a healthier treat and helps avoid any unnecessary weight issues.
Gut Lix contains optimum levels of minerals and trace elements and can be used all year round, especially during the summer months to replace lost essential minerals.
Contains 10 vital minerals
Preplex prebiotics to nourish the beneficial bacteria in the horse's gut.
NOPS approved
British Salt - purest salt from Cheshire
Encourages salivation
Highly palatable -tasy apple flavour
Available in 2kg.

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