Schockemohle Tack Schockemohle Concord Anatomical Snaffle Bridle

Schockemohle Concord Anatomical Snaffle Bridle

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All the Schockemohle bridles and double bridles belonging to their new premium Anatomic Line focus on the complex anatomy of the horses head. A core piece of this new line is the Equitus Alpha from the new bridle series "Equitus". After the very successful introduction of the Equitus Alpha, a second model - the dressage bridle Equitus Beta was released.

The range also includes more traditionally shaped bridles such as the Stanford, Malibu and Venice as well as the new Concord, Slimford and Milan. These bridles utilise the same anatomical design as the Equitus range but are more traditional in their appearance.

The Concord bridle is one of the latest additions to the range and is crafted in the finest soft leather. The Concord is slightly more slimline and has a slimmer noseband rather than the thick nosebands on the Stanford and the Malibu. The anatomical design minimises pressure around the horses head and helps distribute it evenly, therefore making the horse more comfortable during work. The revolutionary pre-formed shaped noseband is curved around and away from the bone structure of the horses head and the fully padded traditional English noseband is super soft right from day one.

All the traditional style anatomical bridles have the signature wide headpiece. The headpiece features super soft padding throughout and is wider between the horses ears to evenly distribute pressure in this area. Concord comes with two browbands - a plain one for every day and a crystal encrusted option too.

Concord doesn't come with any reins, our recommendations for reins are as follows:
Article 1103-00020 - Web Reins with Hook & Stud
Article 1103-00021 - Grip Reins with Hook & Stud
Article 1103-00008 - Rubberised Bridle Reins with Hook & Stud


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