Schockemohle Horse Schockemohle Quick Dry Light Bandage Liners - White

Schockemohle Quick Dry Light Bandage Liners - White

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A must-have for all horse owners that like to bandage their horses whilst riding.

Unrivaled for protection and support during flatwork, bandaging a horses legs is the perfect way to offer all round protection to the whole of the lower leg of the horse. Whilst some are concerned over keeping the horses lower leg cool, this can no longer be an issue when using these bandage liners.

Unlike other bandage liners, these are made up of different layers of materials that all work in unison to create a breathable 3D style material that freely allows heat and moisture to pass through.

The pads are channel quilted, the inner material being soft and towel-like for absorbing moisture, an inner padded 3D lightweight foam and then a mesh like material on the outside. The design of the pads makes them easily mold around the horses leg, sitting perfectly under any fleece exercise bandages.

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